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Some new discoveries in my hunt for awesome tools:

As you all know, I am not a big fan of installing a lot of third-party software on my systems because it inevitably leads to a system that most people would describe with as “fucked up” (I, of course, would never use that phrase, since I find it to be a somewhat crude and uncouth). These utilities look rather interesting though, and so I’m featuring them here

Necromancer’s DOS Commander:

Having a good “Commander” program that you are comfortable with is really valuable, because they are way better at managing your files. The thing is, Windows Explorer is what I’m used to, and I’m not really into retraining myself on a program that may not be supported or always available to me. For that reason the “Commander” program in question – like a lot of programs that come into question – will need to be PDG (“pretty damn good”) and use a generic set of hotkeys and configurations, or its just wasting me time. NDC looks to be PDG, and as such I will be testing it for a period of time to see if it sticks. Now, I know what you are thinking: Can I get a screenshot what what?!?! and my answer is Raise the roof homie!!!


This is a free web-based network monitoring package. Everyone loves monitoring their network, I’m sure you do it all the time, and isn’t it great when someone else is helping you monitor your network too? Well, that’s not what you get here. What you get here is a free web-based network monitoring tool, so that you can use the web to monitor your network … for free! Did I just blow your mind? If not, then please view this screenshot and then reassess your mind and its status of being either blown or not-blown:

Fast Duplicate File Finder:

Is this the best dupe finder in the world? I don’t know yet, but I doubt it!!! Maybe it is though, lets give it a shot. A screenshot, that is




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